Sauteed potatoes

For a 10 minute meal, this requires pre-cooked potatoes. On the weekend you might put several potatoes into the microwave and bake them. Refrigerate the baked potatoes and to use during the week.


1 cooked potato per person


Peel cooked, cold potatoes and cut into 1/4 inch slices. Heat a tablespoon of butter and a tablespoon of olive oil in a frying pan. Add the sliced potatoes and cook on medium high heat. After about 4 minutes turn the potatoes and cook another 3 minutes. Salt and serve.

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  1. Hi, how many servings is this? And how do I properly microwave a sweet potato? I’m not sure of the size I should aim for (I don’t own a weight scale ) I usually buy the small ones.
    Can I ask the kind of exercise the Perfect health diet recommends or more about you? Are you a fit female? Male? Good weight? Eating well?
    I’m kind of underweight and no appetite, and not much of a cook. Besides the Perfect Health diet e-book, where can I find more appropriate meal plans and SIMPLE recipes? Website or book? Specific meal plans? I’m not sure I have the money, patience or timme to do things like sauerkraut or pickled beets and live in an area where finding healthy or REAL food is difficult.
    You can email if you can/want!!

  2. Oh, and what about a coconut flour bread or almond flour banana bread? I’m so tempted to try some of those treats which look good…but wary since my digestion is off and I’m bigtime constipated and all that …stuff 😦 Kinda feel like I need a true detox, but don’t know a 3 day sample meal plan to do that. …I am a mess now. Eating too much, wrong things, only walking 😦

  3. Best to skip the treats and stuff that imitates baked goods. That can just stimulate your craving for baked stuff. Eat a banana and some almonds with whole milk yogurt. Top it with some shredded coconut. That’s a treat and there’s nothing there to remind you of grain-based cakes and bread.

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