Every meal has multiple courses. When you first start to put together multi-course meals, you’ll probably feel that it takes longer than the 10 minute goal. This is what usually happens. But after a week or two you’ll find that you are able to organize the preparation so that you’ll have a very busy few minutes, putting the fish on first, then preparing the asparagus and making a salad, or whatever the menu calls for.

Some meals have a cheese course. Any cheese will do. It’s not meant to be a main dish, but a completion of the meal. A small portion is all that you need. A thumb’s size of cheddar or jack cheese. Even better are the creamy soft cheese like brie or Camembert.

If for any reason you don’t want to eat cheese, instead try a wedge of avocado or a small serving of one of the puddings or coconut tapioca.

And I almost always have a cup of coffee after lunch. Pour boiling water on ground coffee in a French press and it’s ready when you’ve finished eating the cheese course.

Sample midday meal menus


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