Sauerkraut and sausages

Sauerkraut can be made at home. If you have the time, you can find how to do this from Sandorkraut’s Wild Fermentation website. For 10 minute meals you can buy prepared sauerkraut in jars at the supermarket (they also have it in plastic bags and cans, but getting it in jars avoids the BPA contamination issues). The best sauerkraut in jars is usually found in the organic section of the market. For store-bought sauerkraut, rinse and drain it before using.

For sausages, make your own using the sausages recipe here or get a good sausage from a butcher. Sometimes the best available in the supermarket is the grass-fed beef frankfurters. The list of ingredients is not too bad and the meat is grass-fed, sometimes certified organic.


1 tablespoon white wine per person
1 cup sauerkraut per person
1 sausage per person
1 slice ham per person
Dijon mustard


Add wine to sauerkraut and heat in the microwave for a minute. Boil the sausage or frankfurter for 5 minutes.

Put the sauerkraut on a plate, top with the sausage and ham. Serve with mustard on the side.

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